About Us

Istrouma Magnet High School is located in mid-city Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

We are fortunate to be have two schools at one location. The student enrollment ranges from grades six to eight at the middle school and grades nine to twelve at the high school. We have our dedicated magnet program at the middle school and our school within a school magnet component at the high school. 

Our high school students have the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment courses through our local university to obtain an associates degree upon graduation. 

Our middle school and high school magnet curriculum is based on academic honors and broadcast communication guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking and is implemented with fidelity throughout the school. 

We are committed to ensuring that students take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, and work through the creative process to serve their community through careers in broadcast communications. 

Our goal is to prepare all students to become successful productive citizens who are marketable in today’s workforce.